INCTs Discuss Strategies to Boost Scientific Outreach to Society

Posted April 4, 2019

Establishing a communication channel to cooperate on outreach activities, exchanging links among existing media, and creating groups among INCTs with potentially related activities were some of the actions proposed at a meeting on the role of INCTs in science communication, which took place this month in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting was hosted by the INCT for Public Communication of Science and Technology, and was attended by the Under-Coordinator of INCT Hormona, Professor Rui Alberto Ferriani, as a representative of the initiatives designed and carried out by the Institute in the field of science communication and outreach.

Representatives of dozens of INCTs gathered in Rio de Janeiro for the meeting. They also presented proposals for regular meetings to discuss strategies for scientific communication, including sharing of information on INCT activities among the institutes themselves and the provision of media training courses to improve performance in this respect.

Copy and editing: Luiz Sérgio Dibe