17th Endofeminina will take place in early June

Posted March 16, 2020

The first great novelty of Endofeminina can already be announced. The presence of Dra. Anne Gompel, from Université Paris-Descartes, with the topic Hormones and Breast Cancer – State-of-the-Art, has been confirmed.

This expert has more than 250 scientific articles in the field and several ongoing projects at the moment. Her most recent study, entitled “Underlying breast cancer risk and menopausal hormone therapy,” was published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, a journal by the Endocrine Society, in February. This paper by the Collaborative Group on Hormonal Factors in Breast Cancer (CGHFBC) calculated the attributable risk of breast cancer de mama from use of estrogen alone and estrogen plus a synthetic progestogen for <5 to ≥15 years of use.

The invitation of the above specialist was an important first step to define the schedule of the ENDOFEMININA – Women’s Endocrinology Meeting (Encontro de Endocrinologia Feminina), which takes place again in Porto Alegre, Brazil, at the Hotel Rafael Plaza.

This event is coordinated by Dr. Poli Mara Spritzer, who reminds the fact that Endofeminina has already become a tradition in the medical specialty, being held on a regular basis over recent years.

Since its first edition, the event puts an emphasis on advances and evidence-based update in the topics chosen in the meeting schedule. The coordinators seek to select lecturers based on their great experience in daily clinical practice, on investigations developed over years, and on an interest in spreading knowledge.

Within this format, the space for paper presentation is always highly valued, because it is crucial to debate the greatest number of ideas in the field.

The scientific program is available at www.endofeminina.com.br/inscricao-2020 and for those who want to registry for the meeting, the registration link is also available on the website.