Happy 2022 – Long Live Science

Posted December 29, 2021

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, this year was plenty of work for the INCT Hormona team. There were several publications in renowned scientific journals, all produced by the Institute’s team across the country, and at least 15 releases about these studies were published on our website.

The themes varied, from reviews such as the “Review on the Ang-1-7/receptor ACE2/ACE2 system”, to socio-demographic surveys such as “Difficulties in accessing assisted reproduction and fertility treatments in Brazil” or “Sociodemographic comparison of women using copper and hormone IUD (SIU-LNG)”.

There are also productions that address directly the daily lives of the population and how some factors can influence psychological issues, such as: “Acoustic measures of the voice of Brazilian transgender women” and “Stress levels and food choices”.  All articles can be accessed at this link: www.hormona.com.br/en/news/

Covid-19 was also present in the surveys carried out by the Hormona team and generated productions such as the article “COVID-19: Uncertainties from Conception to Birth”. With the emergence of a new variant of the new coronavirus – omicron – the forecast is that in 2022 the world will also be turned to scientific research and production. After all, it is based on science that one can have a guide and the best basis for decision-making, both in the medical sphere and, mainly, in the governmental sphere.

Long live science. Happy 2022.