Gender incongruence and sex hormones


  • Metabolic and body composition assessment in persons with gender incongruence on cross-sex hormone therapy;
  • Influence of F2, F5, PAI-1, PROC, PROCR, and PCS1 gene polymorphisms on response to treatment with sex steroids in persons with gender incongruence;
  • Research into acoustic vocal parameters in persons with gender dysphoria;
  • Neuroactive sex steroids and their influence on glutamatergic neurotransmission: effects on cognition and memory in individuals with gender dysphoria;
  • Characterization of patients with gender dysphoria;
  • Clinical and sociodemographic characteristics of a population with gender dysphoria/incongruence;
  • Welcoming trans persons within the framework of the family health strategy; Development of an assay for measurement of steroid hormones in saliva and standardization of normal ranges.