2021 Online Endofeminina

Posted May 3, 2021

After several meetings throughout 2020, the organization committee of Endofeminina decided to hold a completely virtual congress. According to Dr. Poli Mara Spritzer, president of the event, the aim of these meeting was to find the best solution to perform important scientific activities without endangering the health of all participants while maintaining the quality of event program.

The decision was made after assessing the different formats used in new online events held worldwide. The date has already been set: June 11 and 12, 2021. Dr. Spritzer is also the general coordinator of INCT Hormona.

International guests

The program of the Endofemina Congress has already been defined and, according to the Scientific Committee, prioritizes the most recent topics in the area of Women’s Endocrinology, with renowned lecturers in national and international scenarios.

One of the most prominent international lecturers is Dr. Anne Gompel, from the Université Paris-Descartes (France), who is going to make presentations on the themes “Hormones and breast cancer – State of the art” and “Contraception in survivors of breast/gynecological cancer”.

Dr. Selva Lima (Uruguay), in turn, is going to approach the following topic: “Dysmenorrhea: when to suspect of organic causes”.

The theme “Motherhood at advanced age. Which are the risks? Perinatal results” is going to be presented by Dr. Alejandra Elisalde Cremonte (Argentina).

The program includes the following symposia:

  • Update on climacteric and hormone therapy
  • Effectiveness, safety, and perspectives on the use of hormones in adult women
  • Current topics in pediatric endocrinology and adolescence
  • Challenges in contraception
  • Treatment of 21-hydroxylase deficiency and polycystic ovary syndrome: current evidence and perspectives
  • Endocrine diseases in pregnancy
  • Stress, reproduction, and sexual function
  • Update on osteoporosis and sarcopenia
  • Challenges in transgenderism

The following participations have already been confirmed: Dr. Cesar Boguszewski, president of the National SBEM; Dr. Alexandre Hohl, president of the Department of Women’s Endocrinology and Andrology; Luis Bahamondes, state of São Paulo, Fernando Reis, state of Minas Gerais and Rui Ferriani, state od São Paulo, members of INCT Board of Directors.

According to the organization committee, the scientific papers are going to be available for visualization during the entire event. Abstracts may be submitted up to May 15. All lectures are going to be recorded and are going to be available to event participants for 30 days.

The complete program and further details of Endofeminina can be obtained on the website: endofeminina.com.br