Dr. Paula Navarro takes over the presidency of SBRH

Posted November 9, 2023

Dr. Paula Navarro, professor and researcher member of the INCT Hormona da Universidade de São Paulo (USP) –  Campus Ribeirão Preto –  has taken over the presidency of the Brazilian Society of Human Reproduction (Sociedade Brasileira de Reprodução Humana, SBRH). The election occurred in May of this year, and the specialist is to hold office from 2023 to 2025. The entity is the oldest medical society in the country and has an important role in continuing medical education of health care professionals in several topics of human reproduction.

According to the specialist, the new board of directors will have as the main goal to strengthen the different areas of human reproduction, such as endocrine gynecology, contraception, and climacteric. “In addition to focusing on infertility, assisted reproduction, psychology, and embryology, we have recreated the andrology committee, we have the committees of plural families, of oncofertility, and of fetal medicine and medical imaging,” she explains.

Dra. Navarro also comments that she plans to create mini-bulletins, which would be mini-guidelines, about topics that have not been approached by other medical societies yet, with special focus on the areas of infertility, assisted reproduction, oncofertility, andrology, and embryology.

The Brazilian Society of Human Reproduction was founded on December 26, 1947 and is directed to the following professionals: Gynecologists, Andrologists, Endocrinologists, Sexual Therapists, Embryologists, Biologists, Biomedicals Scientists, Psychologists, and Nurses.