Dr. Bahamondes is awarded the title of Emeritus Professor of Unicamp

Posted November 30, 2023

The coordinator of Centro INCT Hormona of Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), Dr. Luis Bahamondes, was awarded, on September 26, the title of Emeritus Professor of Unicamp. The award was unanimously approved by the University Council (UC) of Unicamp.

His nomination, approved by the Unit Congregation, took place in May of this year and was approved by a committee formed by the following professors: Agrício Crespo, Mario Saad, Joaquim Bustorff, Edmund Baracat, and Marair Sartori. During the meeting, the award to the specialist was endorsed by several professors, who reinforced his important contribution in favor of women’s rights and health.

According to Dr. Bahamondes, receiving this award has been a source of great joy and pride. “I have dedicated my entire life to working at Unicamp, and this recognition means that my peers have value the whole initiative,” he states. “I have always acted in support of women’s health and in favor of disadvantaged women, and I believe that my work has helped to prevent thousands of unplanned pregnancies,” he adds. The researcher has been a professor at Unicamp since 1978, Bahamondes is a reference in investigations related to women’s health, especially to the use of long-acting contraceptive methods.